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Debbie Hill

Being part of creating VegByte seemed like a natural progression after being vegan for many years. My life has taken me in directions of health and nutrition fueling my passion for plant-based food with a raw vegan twist!

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  1. I followed the Raw Mushroom Onion Pizza recipe and it didn’t lead me to the recipe. This is incrediblly frustrating, this happens all the time on these types of posts. If you’re peggy going to post other people’s stuff you should make sure you have a backup of the recipe so you can stand behind your work ????. Namaste ????

    • Hi Peggy!

      Thank you for bringing that particular recipe to our attention. We’ve scanned the whole roundup and that was unfortunately the one (and only) recipe returning a 404.

      We aren’t permitted to post “backup” copies of these recipes as it infringes on the author’s copyright protection.

      So, whenever the author decides to remove a recipe from their website or their site is shut down, we have no choice but to replace the respective recipe(s) with new ones.

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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