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Nichlas Brandon

I'm VegByte's co-creator and website techie, passionate about holistic wellness, creative movement, and whole-foods nutrition. Best of all, my altruistic side loves sharing with you.

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  1. I discovered capers in empanadas my Spanish voice teacher introduced. I have loved them ever since. I use them in everything and eat them just out of the jar. I recently got a case of them at whole sale at a discount store and I bought all the store had. And those are running out due to my usage of such. I will have to succumb to buying them at store prices soon, but since they are a staple to my diet, I don’t care.

    Love those little green buds!!!

    • Hey Alice!

      They are amazing aren’t they. So versatile too! Salads, pizzas, pasta dishes, even sandwiches!

      I’m totally with you!

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