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Hurom H-AA Alpha Slow Juicer Review (2020)

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Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black
Quick Digest: Pros, Cons and Verdict
Here's What We Think
Among the most beautiful juicers we've seen, the Hurom H-AA Alpha Slow Juicer is a compact, quiet and efficient juicer. If you're creative in the kitchen, you'll love the versatility this machine offers.
Eye-catching and compact vertical design taking up minimal space
Performs efficient juice extraction, giving you more bang for your buck
Versatile juicer for making juice, smoothies, baby food, purées, nut and soy milk, etc.
Very quiet and can be readily used on mornings or late evenings
Convenient self-cleaning feature
Is prone to jamming often if produce isn't cut small enough
Not powerful enough to crush hard produce like carrots consistently without jamming
Requires a bit of patience and preparation time
Steep price point for people new to juicing
We Like It!
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What Is the Hurom H-AA Alpha Slow Juicer?

The Hurom H-AA Alpha is Hurom’s 3rd generation flagship masticating slow juicer, featuring their newest Alpha technology. It comes in two flavors: ‘Matte Black’ and ‘Rose Gold’.

As with Hurom’s other slow juicer models, you’re getting a versatile machine that can be used to make:

  • baby food
  • homemade sauces
  • ice cream and sorbets
  • juices (surprise, surprise!)
  • milkshakes
  • nut and soy milk
  • smoothies and purées
  • tofu

You wouldn’t think a juicer could do all this, right? Well, with a bit of creativity your options are limitless.

Let’s dive in and learn more!

Video Overview

Product Details and Usage

Product Specs
TypeMasticating Juicer
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Juice QualityHigh
Juice Shelf Life72 Hours
BuildPlastic (BPA Free)
Chute Size2 x 1.5 Inches (Crescent)
Wattage150 Watts
Motor43 RPM
Noise LevelLow
Dishwasher SafeNo
Best for JuicingSoft and Hard Produce, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Nuts
Warranty10 Years on Motor
2 Years on Parts

Notable Product Features

  • 150-watt motor drives auger at a slow 43 RPM, preserving quality of juice by preventing frictional heat and oxidation
  • Versatile juicer, letting you make smoothies, purées, nuts and soy milk, homemade sauces, and more
  • Pulp Control Lever and two different strainers for controlling pulp and fiber content
  • Patented dual-stage slow juice extraction processing yields higher amounts of juice
  • Self-cleaning system adds convenience when you’re making different recipes
  • 10-year warranty on motor and 2-year warranty on parts

Build Quality and Design

If you’re looking for a very compact juicer that’ll easily fit into your kitchen space, you can’t go wrong with the Hurom H-AA Alpha. Its small footprint clocks in at:

  • 8.8 inches wide (22.4 cm)
  • 16 inches tall (40.6 cm)
  • 7.8 inches deep (19.8 cm)
  • 10.6 pounds (4.8 kilograms)

This model features a sleek new design with smooth curves, making it a visually appealing product you will want to show off.

The juicer is constructed of ABS, Tritan and strong Ultem plastics.

Other materials include stainless steel for the fine and coarse strainers and BISEN plastic for the ice cream strainer.

All plastic parts coming in contact with food are BPA-free.

Accompanying the juicer, you’ll get a 35 fl. oz. juice container and a 50 oz. pulp collector, which should be enough to make juice for two people without having to stop and empty the containers.

As I mentioned, you get 3 different strainers with this juicer:

  • Fine strainer (for making smooth juices and milk)
  • Coarse strainer (for making smoothies, baby food, purées, milkshakes, etc.)
  • Ice cream strainer (you can guess what it’s for!)

If you want juice with the least amount of pulp and fiber content, or you’re making nut or soy milk, you’ll use the fine strainer and set the Pulp Control Lever to open.

The coarse strainer, along with setting the Pulp Control Lever to close, is better for making thicker products like purées, smoothies, sauces and pulpy juice.

With some juicers, like for example the Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Juicer, the pulp ejection port’s narrow width has proven very inconvenient because pulp or stringy pieces tend to get stuck there.

However, the Hurom H-AA Alpha has a bigger pulp ejection opening, enough to fit in your finger so you won’t need to use the opposite end of the cleaning brush to clear out pulp.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the look and feel of the Hurom H-AA Alpha.

How Long Is the Warranty?

Should something happen with your unit, the motor is covered by a long 10-year warranty while the parts are covered for 2 years.

To be honest though, I would’ve preferred a longer warranty on the parts as they typically break more often than motors do.

Juice Quality and Yield

With a rotation speed of 43 RPM, the juice isn’t exposed to frictional heat or high oxidation, unlike when you’re using a high-speed centrifugal juicer.

This ensures the nutritional value of your juice is preserved, and you end up with a juice that can be refrigerated for longer (usually up to 3 days!).

Using the Pulp Control Lever and a strainer of your choice, you can control how pulpy or smooth you want your juice to be.

The Hurom H-AA Alpha works efficiently with hard and soft produce, leafy greens, citrus fruits, wheatgrass, and nuts, and produces dry pulp (although you should expect some wet pulp from citruses).

The yield you get from produce is much the same as when using the Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer, which you can see here:

To get the most bang for your buck, here are a few tips you should follow:

  • Close the juice spout’s cap, allow the drum to fill up, then release the juice into the juice container
  • Cut your produce into small chunks and slowly drop in one or two pieces at a time
  • If you’re making a juice with multiple ingredients, you can help the juicer by alternating between the different ingredients (i.e. put in a little carrot, then some spinach, cucumber, apple, and repeat)
  • Give the juicer time to process things before you add more
  • Before wrapping up, finish with hard produce to clear leftovers from soft produce and leafy greens

While reviewing Hurom’s HH Elite model, I came across several users saying it struggled a bit with certain things like carrots, and the same applies to the Alpha model, so make sure to cut your produce as small as possible to avoid causing jams.

Yes, it increases your time spent juicing, but this is more or less part and parcel of using masticating slow juicers, whereas centrifugal juicers are much faster at the expense of juice quality and yield.

Performance and Noise

All Hurom’s juicers, including this model, are known to be very quiet in use, and I’m absolutely thrilled with this.

You can easily make juice on mornings or late evenings without fear of disturbing or waking anyone. (Even pets will be spared!)

Now, remember this is a slow juicer you’re using, so you need to give it time to process each piece of produce you drop in before adding more.

You operate the juicer with a multi-toggle on/off/reverse button on the back.

The juicer can run continuously for 30 minutes, after which you’ll need to shut it off and allow it to cool down for another half hour.

Is It Easy to Use?

While vertical masticating juicers require a slight learning curve to get the most juice out of your produce and knowing how to avoid causing frequent jams, Hurom’s juicers are quite intuitive and user-friendly.

If you follow the tips I shared earlier, you should do very well, even as a beginner.

Is It Easy to Clean?

One thing I really liked about the Hurom HH Elite model was its easy self-cleaning system. This model fortunately also has this feature.

Basically, you close the juice spout’s cap, switch the juicer on and pour a juice container worth of water through the hopper feed opening to give the internal parts a good rinse.

This is quite convenient when preparing different recipes one after the other, as you won’t need to disassemble the parts to clean them.

The self-cleaning function slightly helps make up for the removable parts—except the auger screw—not being dishwasher safe.

Once you’re finished using the juicer, you should give it a thorough cleaning and I always suggest doing this immediately so the juice and leftover bits don’t stick.

Here’s a video on how to clean the Hurom H-AA Alpha:

Should I Buy the Hurom H-AA Alpha Slow Juicer?

No doubt, this is a premium juicer at a premium price. If you’re a complete beginner, I think you should consider investing in a cheaper centrifugal or masticating juicer just to dip your toes in and see if juicing is really for you.

If you end up enjoying the experience, or you’re already prepared for the “next level” upgrade, the H-AA Alpha is yet another beautiful, versatile and compact model from Hurom that’ll have you making tasty juices in no time!

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    • Hello Fabian!

      I’ve asked this question to Hurom’s customer service in the past. They say there are two models available for this juicer, depending on which country you buy it in (or from): 120 V and 220 V.

      Usually, most appliances can operate at a +/- 10% power line variance, so if you buy the 120 V Hurom H-AA model, it should work fine with your 110 V outlet.

      Thank you for your question! :-)

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