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Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender Review (2020)

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Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender, Professional Grade, 64oz. Low Profile Container, Onyx
Quick Digest: Pros, Cons and Verdict
Here's What We Think
The Vitamix Pro 300 is a powerful workhorse that looks as good as it functions. This is a blender that is built to last and be used. You don't have to baby this beauty. It's crafted to work and work hard, no matter what you put into it. This is the next level machine you have been dreaming about.
Low-profile carafe for easier storage
Quieter motor than most high-end, high-power blenders
Aircraft-grade hardened stainless steel blades stay sharp
Self-Cleaning in less than 60 seconds with just warm water and a drop of soap
Vitamix trade-in program eligible
Even with low-profile carafe, the unit is large and somewhat bulky
The plastic carafe is slightly off-putting (some see this as a cheap substitute for glass); can become cloudy
No pre-set dial speeds
Pricey, though a worthy investment in the long run
Not recommended for dishwasher
We love it!
Interested in This Product?

What Is the Vitamix 300 Blender

To be honest, it’s probably the last blender you’ll ever buy. The Vitamix has a well-deserved reputation of being the most trusted blenders on the market.

Chefs flock to these blenders in their businesses and in their homes. Vitamix has been perfecting the blender since the 1940s, and their products just keep getting better.

This model has all the versatility you need, combined with the simplicity you want. There isn’t much of a learning curve here. Once you use the machine a few times, you’ll become in tune to the sounds it makes when it’s blending perfectly. Trust me. Your blender will speak, and you’ll listen.

Look at it this way: If you spend money on healthy food, but it sits in your fridge and rots, you’re wasting money. If you find yourself shelling out a few bucks a day to buy fresh juices, smoothies, and coffee confections at your local juice bar, you’re wasting money.

If you spend that same money on a tool to help use food to create your own flavorful masterpieces at home, you’re actually going to save money. Who doesn’t want to save money?

You’ll never shake another blender within an inch of its life with a Vitamix. You’ll never come close to slicing your fingers off with this machine, either.

What you’ll do, is use it. Maybe even every day. You’ll find yourself looking for ways to incorporate this appliance into your every waking moment.

I know, it sounds silly, but when you invest in a high-end kitchen gadget (and this is more than a mere gadget), you’ll want to use it as much as possible.

Video Overview

Product Details and Usage

Product Specs
ApplicationHome & Personal Use
Motor1640 Watts, 2.2 Horsepower
Height17.4" / 44.2 cm
Jug Capacity64 fl. oz. / 1893 mL.
Speed ControlsSwitches; On/Off, Start/Stop and Pulse, Variable Speed Dial (speeds 1 - 10)
Preprogrammed CyclesYes
Dishwasher SafeNo
Ice CrushingYes
Nut MilkYes
Nut ButterYes
Hot LiquidsYes
Best forRegular and Green Smoothies; Milkshakes; Chopping Ingredients; Making Sauces; Soups and Salsas; Crushing Ice
Warranty7 Year Full Machine Warranty

Notable Product Features

  • Powerful 2.2 horsepower motor (approx. 1640 watts)
  • Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 4 in. diameter
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • 64 oz. BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester pitcher with incremental measurements
  • Self-Cleaning pitcher makes it super easy to clean
  • Ten Variable speeds to refine every texture with precision
  • Comes with a 350-page hardcover cookbook, Getting Started Guide, and DVD
  • Can be customized with compatible accessories including tamper holder and dry grains container

Build and Design

The Vitamix Pro 300 is a simple, but sexy workhorse machine. It’s as easy to use as it is to look at. It even comes in red (!!). It’s compact carafe design keeps the profile low, but it’s still rather tall.

While it may not fit into your limited shelf space assembled, it can be safely stored separately.

But when it looks so good, you’ll want it out on the counter anyway. Besides, you’ll be using it every day! No need to hide it away.

The weighty base is a bit cumbersome to cart back and forth, so make room for this beauty. You won’t regret it.

This model comes with a 6 foot long cord with a cord keeper built into the base. Perfect for keeping your counter space clutter-free. Cord length is often a design flaw on many other blenders.

It’s just never quite long enough. And everyone knows you should never use a blender with an extension cord, but let’s face it, we’ve all done it. You won’t need to sacrifice safety with this one.

Rubber feet on the base keeps the blender from running away from you when in use. This is imperative for safe usage.

I’ve owned many a blender that had to be literally held while they were on, or else they would hop right off the counter and explode into a huge mess. I wish this wasn’t true but never fear with the Vitamix. That nightmare scenario won’t happen.

  • 17.4 inches (44.2 cm) tall
  • 7.7 inches (19.6 cm) wide
  • 9.4 inches (23.9 cm) deep
  • 12.5 lbs. (5.67 kg)

There are 5 parts to this blender. The two-part lid, the carafe, the motor base, and the tamper. All parts of the machine come apart, but there’s no need for you to disassemble the unit.

In fact, doing so can void your warranty. If you have any issues with your blender, contact Vitamix and they’ll rectify any issues.

The simple face of the motor housing makes it easy to use, no matter your agility. Flip the switch, turn the dial. Done. The two-part lid assembly mirrors this simple design.

There are no complicated hasps or locks to finagle. Simply turn and the lid plug is in place. Same with the lid itself. Twist and you’re all set.

How Long Is the Warranty?

The Vitamix Pro 300 comes with a 7-year full machine warranty. The machine (motor blender base and any containers purchased together) is guaranteed to be free of defects in material or workmanship for fails 7 years from the date of purchase.

Defects from normal wear and tear from ordinary household use are also covered.

If Vitamix determines the blender to be covered, they will, within 30 days of receipt of the returned product, repair the failed Machine or component part of the Machine free of charge.

If the machine is unable to be repaired, Vitamix will replace the unit, or refund the full purchase price, depending on the owner’s preference.

The warranty covers all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping at no cost to you. Outstanding!

Please note, the warranty is void if the unit is used commercially, or in non-household situations. It doesn’t cover cosmetic flaws that don’t affect performance, such as scratches, or discoloration of pitcher or base.

Abuse or negligence also voids this warranty. Be nice to your blender, and it will be nice to you!

This is an excellent warranty and a testament to the longevity of the product. Vitamix has pride in their blenders and takes care of their customers.

Performance and Noise Level

When it comes to performance, it’s hard to out-perform a Vitamix. Unless you have a higher powered Vitamix. The 2.2 hp motor is made to work through the toughest food ingredients you put into the carafe, all while maintaining even torque and a cooler temperature.

It feels odd talking about torque and horsepower when referencing a blender, but it’s important in order to show the technology behind this machine’s durability.

The dual stacked blades of aircraft quality, hardened stainless steel are uniquely designed to create a vortex that pulls the ingredients back into the center of the carafe, ensuring faster, smoother blends every time.

The blades in the Vitamix, unlike other blenders, don’t dull over time. Every blend will be as silky as your first.

Blenders are inherently noisy, especially when pulverizing ice. However, the Vitamix has created a motor housing that muffles the noise and keeps the machine running cooler.

It’s not whisper-quiet, but since you won’t need to run it as long as that old hunk of junk, it’s forgivable. There’s no such thing as a silent blender, folks. But with the Vitamix, you won’t need ear protection.

Is It Easy to Use?

The Vitamix 300 is simple and intuitive to use. Fill the carafe, flip the machine on, turn the dial to 1, flip the switch to start, and slowly dial up the speed according to what your desired result is. The blender sounds will tell you if the machine is working optimally or not.

Don’t be afraid to use the tamper to assist your ingredients into the swirling vortex. No, it’s not like telling Carol Anne to go into the light. Unlike most blenders, Vitamix comes with a patented tamper to help push the food to where it needs to go if it gets stuck.

Don’t put a spatula, a fork, or um, your fingers into the machine when it’s on. With the tamper, you needn’t worry about damaging your utensils or your machine. It’s made to work specifically with your model to ensure perfect blending, every time.

If you need to add ingredients, just twist the lid plug out and add away. Tampering them down as you do so. There’s no need to stop the machine to add ingredients.

Just be sure to use caution if adding to a hot blend, as steam can scald worse than the liquid itself.

Here are some tips from the user manual to keep in mind:

  • To minimize splatter, always begin the blending process with the Variable Speed Dial set to 1 and slowly increase the speed to the desired setting.
  • Never Start on Speeds Above 1 with hot liquids to avoid possible burns.
  • Escaping steam, splashes or contents may scald.
  • To secure the contents, lock the lid and lid plug securely in place prior to operating the machine

Built-in safety features are designed to automatically shut down the blender if it gets too hot. This is often caused by overfilling the carafe or using the wrong speed to blend specific ingredients.

If your machine shuts off, simply switch it off, unplug and let it cool for 45 minutes to reset.

Make sure you return the speed dial to 1 before beginning to blend again. Follow all instructions in the user’s manual for your safety, and the longevity of your machine.

Is It Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe?

This blender couldn’t be easier to clean. It’s Self-Cleaning! Fill the pitcher half full with warm water and add a couple drops of dishwashing liquid.

Snap on the lid, turn machine on and slowly increase speed to 10 for 30 to 60 seconds. Turn off, rinse and drain the container.

To Sanitize, follow instructions above, except use 1 ½ teaspoons of liquid bleach instead of dishwashing liquid.

Turn off the machine and allow mixture to stand in the container for an additional 1 ½ minutes. Pour bleach mixture out. Allow container to air dry. Don’t rinse after sanitizing.

No need to ever touch the blade assembly in the carafe. Just follow the easy cleaning instructions and off you go! Take that every blender I’ve ever owned!

This unit isn’t recommended for washing in a dishwasher. Doing so can damage the blades and discolor or weaken the pitcher. And honestly, with the simplicity of the self-cleaning instructions, there is no need to.

What Can I Make with the Vitamix 300 Blender?

It’d be easier to talk about what you CAN’T make with this blender. That’d be um, nothing. This machine will do everything you need, and more. Room temperature, hot and icy cold. This machine has got you covered.

You can make hot soups, baby food, nut butters and milks, frozen desserts and drinks, whip batters, mix dressings and sauces, blend smoothies and juices, beat dips and spreads, stir flours and doughs, and process fruits and veggies. Whew!

Smoothies with lots of greens and seedy fruit? Like silk. Nut butters from roasted nuts and seeds? Like um, buttah. Frozen desserts? Frosty and ready to eat right from the carafe.

Hot soups? You betcha. Pour and serve piping hot from the container. How easy is that? Got a little scrapper that is ready to start solids?

Stop buying baby food in those ridiculous jars and puree your own at home. Look at you, super mom (or dad)!

Here are some examples of this blender in action, so you can get an idea of its performance:


Blends every fruit and veggie you can imagine into chunk-free smoothies and juices.

Baby Food

Makes the perfect purees to satisfy your baby’s newly discovered appetites!

Nut Butter

Takes your roasted nuts to the next level of creamy, spreadable goodness.

Ice Cream

You’re just a few steps away from the frozen confections of your dreams!

The Vitamix 300 even comes with its own 350-page hardcover cookbook and a Getting Started Guide, plus a DVD to show you the endless blending possibilities.

What other blender comes with such a comprehensive cookbook? None, I tell you! Utilize your new and amazing cookbook to really get the hang of how your blender works.

Tips from the user manual to prevent “overloading” your Vitamix:

  • Process only Vitamix recipes when learning to use the machine.
  • Don’t process recipes at lower speeds than recommended.
  • Don’t process recipes at higher speeds than recommended.
  • Don’t process recipes longer than recommended.
  • Use your tamper to process thicker mixtures and keep ingredients moving around and through the blades.

What’s the Consumer Feedback Like?

Across the board, the customer feedback for the Vitamix 300 is overwhelmingly positive. For anyone wary of shelling out hundreds for a kitchen appliance, this positivity is reassuring.

There’s little to no feedback about poor pitcher quality, so if you’re like me and think only glass pitchers are worthy for blenders, allay your assumptions.

The BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester is top of the line in terms of quality and safety. The Eastman company prides itself on the superiority of its plastics, backed by third-party scientific safety testing and data.

Some customers have given feedback concerning the motor shutting itself off. However, this is a safety feature, and within the desired function of the machine.

It’s meant to shut down if unsafe conditions arise and will reset itself after the noted timeframe. If you find your blender doing this frequently, review the user manual to troubleshoot. The likelihood is user error, not machine defect.

Most customers give low stars cite user errors as the reasoning and those issues can be easily resolved by reading the user manual and Getting Started Guide. I highly recommend watching the DVD as well, to really get the whole experience before you go experimenting.

Most, if not all, of the complications with the machine are highlighted in these guides, as well as how to avoid them.

Any Problems with the Vitamix 300 Blender I Should be Aware of?

Using the blender to grind grains, seeds or nuts will cause the pitcher to become cloudy. The unit comes with a wet container, and it’s recommended to purchase the dry container if you’re going to be using it for this purpose.

Please note cloudiness of the carafe is not a defect, doesn’t affect functionality, and isn’t covered under the warranty. If the prospect of a cloudy container concerns you, I suggest purchasing the additional, correct, carafe. It’s a worthwhile investment for your overall satisfaction.

There was a recall on the blender carafe from a few years past. This was an issue concerning black flecks in the carafe, which would show up unexpectedly after a few blends.

The issue was addressed almost immediately by Vitamix and all blender carafes affected were recalled and replaced, at no cost to the consumer.

Should I Buy the Vitamix 300 Blender?

“Buy dependable, not disposable,” says Vitamix. The quality of craftsmanship in these machines is apparent. The durability and functionality are key factors to this investment.

“A bargain blender’s not a bargain if it doesn’t last.” How many blenders have you purchased cheaply, only to trash them in a rage of disappointment and ennui? If you’re like me, that’s at least three. Maybe more.

Buying a high-end kitchen appliance is a daunting thought. I get it. However, as your mama has probably said to you, “the good things in life are neither free nor cheap.” You get what you pay for, and that is true for kitchen luxuries as well.

Having a machine that can actually do what it claims and doesn’t make you throw it in frustration will do wonders for not only your emotional health but your physical health as well.

Vitamix has such a great reputation. Their warranties are awesome, and they have a trade-in program where you can trade in your old Vitamix and get credit towards the purchase of an upgrade.

These machines are made to last, made in the USA, and backed by nearly 100 years of quality craftsmanship. Have you ever seen an old Vitamix tossed on the curb? How about a new-ish other brand? Thought so.

Changing our habits for the better is a surefire way to a healthier life. Investing in a tool that can help you is one step in that direction. It’s not just an investment in your kitchen, it’s an investment in your health.

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