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5 Best French Fry Cutters for Making Drool-Worthy Fries at Home

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If you’re like me, you probably spend much of your meal planning moments dreaming about French Fries and how you can incorporate them into yet another meal without your family plotting a mutiny.

No? Just me? Well, you at least like French Fries enough to want to make them at home, right?

I mean, when they’re cooked perfectly, they’re like little crispy wedges of Heaven drizzled with ketchup. What more could you ask for from a lowly tuber?

If you find cutting up potatoes into perfect fries time-consuming, meet the Holy Grail of French Fry fandom! The humble and amazing French Fry Cutter.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Quick List of Top Picks

Why A French Fry Cutter?

Let’s face it, French Fries are comfort food. I don’t know a single person on the planet who doesn’t love to have a fry or twenty every so often.

It’s a go to staple when you’re out and about, because almost every restaurant and fast food joint has fries which are friendly to a plant-based eater. Sometimes fries are the ONLY thing you can eat.

Restaurants have the luxury of being able to prep mass quantities of fries in a relatively short amount of time because they have the space, the employees, and the tools. So, what’s stopping you from acquiring those same tools?

Your home kitchen is your sanctuary, where everything you create is limited only by your imagination and your gadgets.

It’s the perfect place to hone your skills and masterfully slice and fry the perfect crispy potato.

Behold the delightful fry. You don’t need to be a professional with a commercial kitchen to pull off the wonder of the perfect fry. You just need the right tool. In this case, it’s the easy-to-find French Fry Cutter.

Do You Need a French Fry Cutter?

I suppose it depends on your definition of the word NEED. It’s not necessary to make a great fry, but man, does it make it easier and more enjoyable to crank out mounds of the tasty fried yumminess. Plus, a French Fry Cutter isn’t JUST for fries!

A French Fry Cutter can slice and dice a multitude of veggies, from sweet potatoes to carrots to onions to zucchini to cucumber. The possibilities are virtually endless, and you may find yourself looking for more veggies to ease through your cutter so you can use it more and more.

If you’re like me, you probably pawn off cooking prep to members of the family who can’t say no (like your kids).

I love to cook, but sometimes the prep can be overwhelming. I’m always looking for ways to cut prep time, making more efficient use of my time, and getting more bang from my kitchen gadget buck.

A fry cutter can make the time prepping your food shorter, so you can get right down to the fun part. Eating! Now that’s what I’m talking about! While you’re thinking about fries, bookmark these finger-lickin’ fry recipes to try your new cutter out on!

What to Look for in a French Fry Cutter


The first thing you’ll want to scope out in your quest for the ultimate fry cutter is its durability. Potatoes, aren’t exactly the softest veggies, and you’ll want a cutter which will slice through them with ease time and time again.

It just won’t do to have a cutter you can only use occasionally. You’ll need to create an endless supply of French Fries to satisfy your cravings, so you’ll need a cutter which stands up to the test of time.

Look for sturdy materials like stainless steel and cast iron for the body of the cutter.

There are quite a few sturdy plastic models on the market, so don’t let that sway you. Quality plastics can give you the strength you desire, without leaving a huge void in your wallet.

While it’s true they won’t outlast steel models, they can give you a taste of the functions for those on a tighter budget.


You’ll need sharp as heck blades, too. A heavy and sturdy body won’t help if you can’t cut anything! Stainless steel blades are necessary for functionality and longevity, so don’t skimp there. Blades are the heart and soul of the cutter, and no matter the body, you won’t get far if you can’t cut.


The last thing to consider is size. As with any kitchen gadget, it does no good for your food prep if you don’t have the space, and it’s just going to be a pain if you don’t have a place to store it. I can’t tell you how many gadgets I’ve acquired which just don’t fit anywhere, and they sadly wind up on the shelves of the local Goodwill.

This doesn’t have to happen with your new best friend, the French Fry Cutter. They come in shapes and sizes to fit all kitchens, even tiny ones!

Your lovely cutter will find a cozy home in your cupboard, pantry, or proudly displayed on your countertop.

5 Top Picks for French Fry Cutters

So, here we have the best picks! Trust us, there’s a cutter out there to fit your kitchen, your cooking style, and your budget!

Sopito Professional French Fry Potato Cutter

French Fry Cutter, Sopito Professional Potato Cutter Stainless Steel with 1/2-Inch Blade Great for Potatoes Carrots Cucumbers

The first cutter on our list is the Professional French Fry Potato Cutter from Sopito. This cutter features a simple, no fuss, counter friendly design.

Its super sharp blades slice through your potatoes with ease, leaving you with perfectly proportionate slabs of your favorite spud, ready to fry up to their prime.

The simplicity of this gadget is its best feature. Just plop your potato (or another veggie) into the box and push the lever. The potato is pushed through the blades and comes out the other side in perfect 1/2-inch slices. Easy peasy!

This cutter is also super easy to clean and maintain. A quick soapy rinse and your cutter is ready for action again.

The 304 stainless steel blades won’t rust or warp, so you should be able to create masterful mounds of mouth-watering mmmmm for years to come!

What We Like

  • Simple, classic design
  • Single action lever for ease of use
  • Strong suction cup keeps cutter steady

What We Don’t Like

  • Lever action takes some muscle (or parboiling) to cut sweet potatoes
  • Plastic base is a weak point, some customers complain about breakage
  • Only makes one size fries, and they’re big

Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper

French Fry Cutter, Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper with Extended Handle, 2 Different Size Super Sharp Blades, Perfect for Cutting Potatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers

Next up is the Stainless Steel Potato Chipper from Reliatronic. I think this one loses something in translation, but it’s a functional and fuss free little machine.

Like the previous cutter, it uses a box and lever design, making it easy to use and easy to clean. Even the smallest helpers in your kitchen can cut perfect fries with this chipper!

The Reliatronic chipper comes with two sets of blades, so you can make 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch fries.

This is a bonus, as many (like myself) like to mix up my fry game. Having the same size all the time is a drag! You don’t have to buy any additional blade plates with this cutter. So, let the fry fiesta begin!

Crafted from sturdy plastic with stainless steel blades, this cutter is durable and light weight.

It features a lengthy handle to push the veggies through the blades, and a super strong suction cup which locks the gadget in place so it won’t fly across the room.

What We Like

  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Super strong, locking suction cup
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Lots of plastic, and although its sturdy, doesn’t feel as durable
  • Difficult to cut dense veggies (like sweet potatoes)

Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter

Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter, Quickly Slice Perfect French Fries, Veggie Sticks, Onions, Carrots, Non-Skid Base, Easy to Clean Dishwasher Safe

This cute little gadget is the Tower Fry Cutter from Prepworks by Progressive. I love the unique design of this cutter and appreciate its enclosed blades for their safety value.

This would make a great first cutter for the littlest kitchen helpers, as the blades stay away from little hands while in use.

Now, this cutter isn’t as sturdy as some of the others we feature, but don’t let that sway you.

It does have its place on this list. It’s compact, easy to clean, and safe to use. It’s perfect for folks with dexterity limitations, as you don’t have to grip a handle to make it work.

This cutter does have a bit more of a learning curve and will need to be used a little more gently. It works best with smaller, peeled potatoes, parboiled sweet potatoes, and other softer vegetables.

Some customers recommend microwaving the veggies for a few seconds before pressing them through the blades.

What We Like

  • Compact design stores easily even in the smallest of kitchens
  • Easy to use with whole hand, instead of having to grip a handle
  • Dishwasher safe, clean up is a snap

What We Don’t Like

  • Mostly plastic construction isn’t as durable

Ourokhome Fry Cutter for Onion Rings, Chips and French Fries

Ourokhome Vegetable Mandoline Potato Slicer - Fry Cutter for Onion Rings, Chips and French Fries

The Fry Cutter from Ourokhome is more like a traditional Mandoline cutter, with a (literal) twist.

Unlike a regular Mandoline, this one features multiple blades built into the body, so you don’t have to fumble with changing blades to suit your needs.

Simply turn the dial to select the thickness/style of cut you desire, then slide the veggie along the blade.

Fries aren’t one size fits all, and neither is this cutter! It slices, it shreds, it juliennes! It does it all!

Comes with everything you need, including the hand protecting veggie gripper. Do not attempt to use without this!

This is a great multiuse cutter, and its design makes it comfortable to use, even for folks with limited dexterity.

You can adjust the blades easily, without ever having to touch them. This is a huge plus in my book. It isn’t the most durable on the list, but it’s a great starter Mandoline to practice your skills on.

What We Like

  • Multiuse/multi-blade cutting system
  • Easy to use and compact to store
  • Lightweight, easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Mostly plastic construction, not a lifetime product
  • Blades can be difficult to lock into place

Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter (36-3501-W), Cast Iron, Includes Suction Cup Feet,Charcoal

The last cutter on our list is a beast! The Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter is no joke. It’s the one voted Most Likely to Be Found in your favorite local diner, and for good reason.

This behemoth gets the job done and fast! Once you get your rhythm, you can sling out 50 lbs. of fries an hour! Now that’s some serious fry flingin’!

Made from cast iron and stainless steel, this cutter is not one you’ll be hauling with you on your camping trips in your tiny trailer.

It’s meant to have a permanent or semi-permanent home on your countertop, or even better, mounted on your wall for easy access.

This cutter has a niche market though, as it does take strength and dexterity to use it properly. It’s not ideal for little kids or those with mobility limitations.

And you certainly won’t be moving this giant piece of kitchen gadgetry around much, so make sure you have the space for it to be on display.

What We Like

  • Sturdy and durable, a lifetime product
  • Can process lots of veggies in a short amount of time
  • Variable size blades available for purchase

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy and not easy to move around
  • Difficult to clean

Top Choice for the Best French Fry Cutter

Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter, Quickly Slice Perfect French Fries, Veggie Sticks, Onions, Carrots, Non-Skid Base, Easy to Clean Dishwasher Safe

Are you inspired to start flippin’ fries yet? I know I am. I love when a kitchen gadget makes things easier, and even more so when it makes me what to spend more time in the kitchen!

Any gadget that gets my creative cooking juices flowing is worth a second look.

I love fries so much, I could seriously eat them for every meal, but I hate buying pre-made fries because, ick! So many preservatives. No thanks. The French Fry Cutter helps make homemade fries a snap!

So which French Fry Cutter really blew me away? My favorite, by far, is the Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter. I liked this the best because it is so easy and safe to use, even for little hands. It’s also the most lightweight and compact on the list, which is a plus for my tiny kitchen.

When looking for kitchen gadgets, I usually go for things which will last a lifetime and can be passed down through generations.

But with French Fry Cutters, I just found myself gravitating more towards the Tower for its simple design and overall ease of use.

Its super cute and portable, and you don’t have to be a body builder to use it!

It isn’t perfect, but with a little practice, it makes potato slicing a less daunting and arduous task. In fact, using this cutter made prepping fries a practically meditative routine!

Pop in your favorite chill music, wash those dirty spuds, and get to slicing! The Tower Fry Cutter’s bound to make potato duty fast and fun for everyone!

Best French Fry Cutters for Making Drool-Worthy Fries at Home


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