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5 Best Olive Oil Sprayers for a Healthier Alternative

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Cooking sprays have been around for a long time, but lately many are realizing the dangers with using them.

Traditional oil sprayers use aerosol and propellants which are toxic to our bodies and the environment.

Olive oil sprayers are a much healthier alternative and come with lots of benefits.

We’ve rounded up the best olive oil sprayers, which are non-toxic, make cooking easier and are much more economical and environmentally-friendly!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Quick List of Top Picks

Why Use an Olive Oil Sprayer?

Perhaps you haven’t considered using an oil sprayer until now, or you have heard about them being used for cooking but don’t see the necessity?

Olive oil sprayers are a much healthier alternative to regular cooking spray cans you can buy at the grocery store and here’s why!

Firstly, you can use your own oil. This is important because you never know what you are getting with the prefilled cans, but using your own refillable sprayer means you know the quality of the oil you are using and can verify its purity.

Olive oil isn’t the only use these sprayers offer – you can also infuse your own oil, or use the sprayer for salad dressings, vinegar, and even cooking wine.

Oil sprayers are particularly helpful when prepping food for an air fryer, coating cookware, and even baking!

Another bonus is you will use lesser oil than if you brushed or poured the oil on food thereby reducing caloric intake and saving money too.

Finally, some of us may remember the Aquanet hairspray days which are now being blamed for holes in the ozone.

Apart from scientific evidence on whether this is in fact true, we all can agree aerosols are bad for the environment and shouldn’t be used – especially when cooking food.

What are the Dangers of Using Propellants and Aerosols?

As stated, aerosols are dangerous for the environment, but what else is lurking in traditional cooking sprays which are toxic to our health?

Cooking sprays contain propellants and other chemicals such as dimethylpolysiloxane, diacetyl, and GMOs.

Dimethylpolysiloxane, used in some cosmetics, refrigerants, and ‘Silly Putty,’ is a chemical contained in non-stick sprays, and it is a type of silicone which keeps the oil from foaming.

Diacetyl has been linked to respiratory disease and even lung cancer. While not all cooking sprays contain this now due to this evidence, it could be present in some and there is still a concern.

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are often present in certain oils such as canola, soy, and corn. This is just another reason using your own oils is so important.

Present in aerosol sprayers are propellants in the form of butane, isobutane, and propane which are basically compressed gases.

These propellants are used to force the oil out of the can, but they are flammable, and let’s be honest, who wants these kinds of chemicals sprayed all over your food?!

Things to Look for That Differentiate These Products

The olive oil sprayers in our round up all share similar attributes; so, to narrow it down it’s important to consider their differences and what features will meet your specific needs.

All the products offer a safe alternative to the traditional aerosol cooking spray cans, but when looking at what sets them apart it comes down to function and materials.

Most use a pump which requires priming in order to bring the oil up to the spray nozzle prior to using.

However, if you prefer an oil sprayer which is ready to use without any preparation, there are a couple options for you to check out such as a regular trigger-pull design.

Next, consider the materials used to make the sprayers since there are a few different options.

Typically, a food grade, sturdy glass is your best bet, but if you’d rather not chance it shattering for instance, there is an aluminum option, or a glass bottle encased in stainless steel.

Finally, consider how much oil you usually use for cooking – each of the sprayers hold varying amounts of oil and dispense either consistent quantities each spray or allow you to measure specific amounts.

5 Top Picks for Olive Oil Sprayers

iTrunk Olive Oil Sprayer for Cooking

iTrunk Olive Oil Sprayer for Cooking 4 IN 1 Refillable Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Bottle with Basting Brush,Bottle Brush and oil Funnel for BBQ, Making Salad, Cooking, Baking, Roasting, Grilling

iTrunk oil sprayer is a multi-use tool for cooking, salads, grilling, and sautéing vegetables and it comes complete with a brush for basting, another for cleaning, and an oil funnel for easy refilling.

This oil sprayer can accommodate any oil, vinegar, water, and/or lemon juice for all your cooking needs and dispenses about one tablespoon at a time.

Create the mist by pressing the stainless-steel pump equipped with a non-slip button, and it’s easy to control the amount of oil dispensed.

The transparent food-grade glass allows you to see how much oil is left inside the sprayer, and you can measure how much is used while cooking due to the scaled design.

The scaled increments are up to 90 ml, and the sprayer’s dimensions are 17.5 cm tall and 4.5 cm wide, so it fits nicely in your hand.

The pump mechanism uses a plastic suction pipe to bring the oil up as you pump and provides for an accurate, even mist.

What We Like

  • Transparent, scaled glass design
  • Easy to clean
  • Basting and cleaning brush plus oil funnel included
  • Effective pump and mist
  • Multi-use

What We Don’t Like

  • Thick glass container may feel slightly heavy
  • Mist may dispense in varied consistencies such as a stream versus a mist
  • Pump may be hard to operate for some people

Misto Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer

Misto Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer, Tomato -

The Misto aluminum oil sprayer is reusable and utilizes a unique 2-step operation to deliver a nice, even mist and it is economically and environmentally sound.

To use, simply pump the container and then press the valve on the pressurized sprayer!

This BPA-free sprayer doesn’t use chemical propellants or aerosols which are bad for your health and the environment.

It’s important to note the proper procedures for filling and threading the cap correctly so the bottle is pressurized and works as designed.

In 3 easy steps – fill halfway with cooking oil of choice, tighten screw collar and pump the cap about 10-15 times until resistance is felt, and remove cap and press the nozzle to spray.

Cleaning is easy too! Misto recommends cleaning every 6 to 8 weeks, and all you need to do is follow the steps for operating the sprayer but use hot water and a small amount of cleaning solution.

What We Like

  • Non-aerosol and no chemical propellants
  • Refillable
  • Simple and effective 2-step operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Some may experience a stream of oil instead of mist if oil builds up in the nozzle
  • Requires proper care and use or it won’t work as designed
  • Exposed aluminum on the bottom of bottle

DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser and Oil Sprayer for Cooking Set

DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle and Olive Oil Sprayer Mister for Cooking Set – Oil Spray Bottle 6 OZ and Glass Oil Bottle 17 OZ with Measurements and Drip-Free Spout Stainless Steel

Dwellza Kitchen’s cooking set provides you with both an oil dispenser and a handy oil mister!

If you are looking for a healthy means to dispensing oil for salads but would like to also mist oil on food or cookware, then this set is for you.

The leak-free oil dispenser is 17 oz. (500 ml), and is great for oils, vinegar and salad dressings.

The dispenser is made of sturdy, BPA-free glass, a stainless steel lid, and an integrated pump and measuring top.

The top of the dispenser is unique! Just press the button to bring the oil up to the measured lid and pour from the drip-free spout.

Also made of glass and a stainless steel lid, the 6 oz. (180 ml) oil mister uses a non-aerosol pressurizer to create the perfect mist and doesn’t clog like some misters are infamous for.

The glass bottles are easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe, and inherently non-toxic.

Dwellza Kitchen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What We Like

  • Dispenser and mister in 1 set
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free glass bottles
  • Unique integrated pump and measuring top
  • Non-clogging mister and drip-free spout on dispenser
  • Non-aerosol pressurizer

What We Don’t Like

  • Trouble with the pump/pressurizer building enough pressure after some use
  • Mister can’t hold the full 6 oz due to the need for air to prime the pump
  • Re-assembling the parts after cleaning might be challenging

Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle

Evo Oil Sprayer Evo Sprayer Bottle, Non-Aerosol for Olive Cooking Oils, 18-Ounce Capacity, 18 oz, Yellow

The Evo oil sprayer combines form and function with a ergonomic spray handle and fan-shaped spray for consistent and even coverage.

This glass spray bottle holds up to 18 oz. of your favorite oil and the sprayer is made of BPA, latex, and DEHP-free plastic, which is reusable, recyclable, and won’t shatter.

The trigger-designed sprayer is shaped for comfort and it dispenses a consistent 1.35ml of oil per pull.

Speaking of the sprayer, it does not use propellants or aerosols, and operates as a regular spray bottle would without the need for priming or pressurizing.

The fan-shaped spray covers more area thereby requiring less oil!

Included with the Evo oil sprayer is a twist-on funnel for easy re-filling and 3 washable bands for labeling.

Overall, I like the simple, ergonomic design along with the efficient spray without the use of a pressurized pump, and it is easy to clean by hand with warm water and soap.

What We Like

  • Ergonomic, trigger-pull design sprayer
  • Non-toxic glass bottle and BPA-free plastic sprayer
  • Fan-shaped spray with consistent oil dispensing
  • Twist-on funnel for refilling and washable bands for labeling

What We Don’t Like

  • Tube is curved and makes dispensing oil a challenge when bottle is tilted if not adjusted
  • Lid may loosen during use

Binseni Olive Oil Sprayer

Olive Oil Sprayer, Binseni Vinegar Sprayer Liquid Dispenser Kitchen Accessories for BBQ, Salad, Cooking Set (Stainless Steel)

Made of 304 stainless steel and food grade glass, the Binseni olive oil sprayer comes in a complete set with refilling funnel, cleaning brush, and basting brush.

The light pressure nozzle is controlled using a non-slip top button and produces a gentle spray of oil.

The glass interior bottle is scaled in order to assist with measuring the desired amount of oil, dressing, cooking wine, vinegar, etc.

There is a screw-top lid to help prevent leakage, and it is easy to clean following a few steps.

First, add warm water and clean with the included brush. After this, shake several times and spray a few times, refill, and then spray again.

The bottle holds 100ml and it stands approximately 7 inches tall and is about 1.6 inches wide.

Overall, this sprayer is great for someone looking for a light mister and with a preference to glass and stainless steel.

What We Like

  • High grade stainless steel and food grade glass bottle
  • Low pressure sprayer with non-slip button
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Complete set with cleaning and basting brush and funnel

What We Don’t Like

  • May dispense as a stream rather than a mist
  • Requires many pumps to prime
  • Scaled numbers on bottle tend to rub off easily

Top Choice for the Best Olive Oil Sprayer

Evo Oil Sprayer Evo Sprayer Bottle, Non-Aerosol for Olive Cooking Oils, 18-Ounce Capacity, 18 oz, Yellow

The olive oil sprayers in this round up share a common goal – to provide a healthier alternative to aerosol sprayers.

Not only are you healthier using one of these because harmful propellants and other chemicals aren’t making it onto your food, but you are also protecting the environment by not using aerosol cans.

Plus, if you are like many of us who pay attention to caloric intake, oil sprayers put you in control of the amount of oil used on your food.

While these sprayers share many things in common, we pick the Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle as our #1 choice.

This spray bottle has a unique, ergonomic trigger-pull function which does not require priming a pump and may be easier to use for most people.

The glass bottle holds up to 18oz. of oil (or vinegar, salad dressing, cooking wine, etc.), and delivers an even 1.35ml with each trigger-pull.

I like the fan-shaped spray which covers more of your food or cookware thereby utilizing less oil.

Finally, the twist-on funnel makes refilling easy and the washable labels are an added bonus!

The Evo oil sprayer is our top choice! Happy cooking!

Best Olive Oil Sprayers for a Healthier Alternative


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