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5 Best Vegan Lip Balm Brands to Moisturize Your Lips (2019)

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I bet you’re thinking lip balms are a dime a dozen. They’re all pretty much the same, aren’t they? I mean, they’re just a quick fix for chapped or dry lips.

Anything will do, right? In a word, no.

Have you ever been out and about and can’t find your favorite lip balm in your bag?

So, you pop into the nearest convenience store and pick up a substandard replacement.

Don’t let this happen to you, ever again!

Your lips deserve the best, and that is definitely NOT a gas station wax stick. But what IS the difference? Read on to find out.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Quick List of Top Picks

Why You Should Care What’s in Your Lip Balm

The first ingredient in most lip balms on the market is wax. Wax is what gives the balm its stick form, its ability to be easily applied to your lips, and its staying power.

Wax comes in many forms, and not all of them are lip worthy. You aren’t wanting your lips to resemble your favorite scented candle or wax melt, so you want to be sure to find something that is superior to that.

Avoid petroleum-based waxes, because, well, you are better than a fossil fuel by-product! Let’s be honest, the days of slapping petroleum jelly on your lips are long gone. And thank goodness!

Paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, and petroleum jelly are all types of byproduct waxes that you’ll want to avoid. They may not be inherently bad for you, but with so many other, more natural and soothing, options, why settle for less?

Products that hook you with their more “natural” approach may lure you in with promises of no petroleum byproducts, and sustainable wax. Just beware that “natural” companies use beeswax, which you’ll want to avoid.

Next up on the avoid-all costs list is lanolin, an oily secretion that’s a byproduct of shearing sheep.

Long touted for its moisturizing and healing abilities. One huge problem though, again, it’s not given up willingly, kindly, or cruelty-free.

Plants give us all the moisture, wax, emollients, and soothing oils we need! Plants are the perfect creator of all the waxy, oily, moisturizing goodness we want and deserve from our lip balms.

What Are Good Ingredients to Look For?

Natural moisturizers are abundant. Look at all the yummy oils you use for cooking, they are also great for your skin!

Avocado, olive, coconut, macadamia nut, sunflower, soy. Plants are great for your belly and your beauty.

Don’t forget the thick, creaminess of plant butters! Shea and cocoa butter are two of the most popular, and are the perfect solution to dry, chapped lips.

And of course, there are the plant-based waxes:

  • Candelilla Wax (from the Mexican Candelilla shrub)
  • Carnauba wax (from the Brazilian Palm)
  • Rice Bran Wax (from rice bran oil)
  • Myrica fruit wax (from bayberries)
  • Sunflower Wax (from, you guessed it! Sunflowers!)

As you can see, there’s no need to rely on animal or petroleum byproducts, or resort to synthetics. Everything we need for soft, supple lips is available and abundant from the plant kingdom!

We All Deserve Better!

Now you know what the key things to avoid. But what truly sets a vegan-friendly lip balm apart from the rest? There are so many choices it can get overwhelming.

To the point where I’ve thrown my hands up and suffered through another crappy convenient lip balm. Why is good stuff so difficult to obtain?

To be fair, companies are becoming more mindful, and, believe it or not, making great strides to produce better products.

I guess that supply and demand stuff they taught in high school Economics was pretty spot on.

The more we, as consumers, demand high quality, plant-based products, the more the manufacturers will have to produce.

So, even if you’re stuck without your best balm friend, don’t give in to temptation and buy inferior products!

5 Top Picks for Vegan Lip Balms

Pacifica Beauty Color Quench Lip Tint

Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint Vanilla Hibiscus, 0.15oz.

This little beauty is a power-packed triple crown winner! The Vanilla Hibiscus lip tint boasts major moisture, nourishing fatty acids, and luscious sheer color. It’s the only balm on our list that adds a natural, sheer tint to your lips, and it’s a keeper!

With avocado and coconut oils, cocoa butter, and soy and candelilla wax, your lips will be quenched with hydration.

What’s not to love? The flavors and tints are soft and subtle, ideal for over/under your favorite lipstick, or on its own.

This lightweight balm will never leave your lips feeling weighed down, waxy, sticky, or greasy. It’s the ideal lip tint for every occasion.

At about ½ ounce of product, this lip tint is a pretty good bargain. Especially since you can skip your sticky gloss and still looked put together.

What We Like

  • Soft, beautiful colors
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Moisturizing, but not overwhelmingly so

What We Don’t Like

  • Funky scent, taste
  • Not long-lasting

PURE + SIMPLE Aria Lip Balm Collection

PURE + SIMPLE Aria Lip Balm Collection, Vegan, 5 Tube Set, Key Lime, Lavender, Rose, Tuscan Orange, and Mint, Beeswax Free, with Candelilla Wax, Moisturize Dry, Chapped, or Cracked Lips.

This collection of lip balms from PURE + SIMPLE is a treasure trove of healing and soothing flavors that you’ll just love. The blend of avocado, jojoba, and castor oil, combined with the hydrating effects of Vitamin E provide long-lasting healing for your dry, chapped lips.

The scents are neutral in this collection, meaning your whole family can use them. No tints, overpowering flavors; just clear, effective moisturization.

We love that these balms are coconut-free, so even folks with sensitivities and allergies to coconut can have soft, supple lips. Yay!

These are formulated so gently, that you can even use them to soothe dry skin patches in a pinch! You know I love a multi-use product, so kudos for that!

What We Like

  • Coconut Free – awesome for those coconut allergic friends
  • Multipack – so you’ll never be without again
  • Ingredients aid in healing, not just a temporary fix

What We Don’t Like

  • Some scents are a bit overpowering
  • Essential oils can irritate sensitive lips

Hurraw! Lip Balms Bundle – Coconut, Earl Grey and Mint

Hurraw Coconut, Earl Grey, Mint Lip Balms, 3 Pack Bundle

Oh! These flavors! I adore them! It’s like a natural (dare I say “grown-up?”) version of the Lip Smackers I coveted as a tween. These aren’t your sister’s Smackers, but you had better hide them from her, or they’ll be gone!

This bundle is unique to the list, as most ingredients are organic, wildcrafted, and/or raw (hence the name, HurRAW!).

Fun, right? They’re also snuggled into cute packaging with the most amazing scents and flavors.

You will undoubtedly find a favorite flavor, so I advise you to stock up.

Mine is Earl Grey. It’s exactly like the tea and reminds me of my mom. Not in an “old lady way” (not that my mom is an old lady, mind you!) but in a sentimental, soothing way.

What We Like

  • Multipack bundle- one for everywhere
  • Amazing, unique flavors
  • Hand-crafted in small batches

What We Don’t Like

  • Might be too greasy (unlikely!)
  • I can’t find anything else “con” to write (I tried!)

Soothing Touch Unscented Lip Balm

Soothing Touch Unscented Vegan Lip Balm, 0.25 Ounce - 12 per case.

This is the only unscented/unflavored lip balm in this roundup. Now, I’m a fan of subtle flavors and scents, I like my lips to taste like “something” when I’m wearing a lip product, but this balm works so well I didn’t miss it.

There are a plethora of soothing oils, butter, and waxes in this balm, and they all work together to provide a truly healing and moisturizing product. It’s not just “lip service,” this balm does what it says.

It repairs dry, cracked skin, and promotes natural moisture, all without a bunch of fillers, flavors, or fragrances. It’s simply a great balm that works for everybody. This bargain balm is worth every penny!

What We Like

  • Unscented and unflavored -REALLY!
  • Inexpensive and effective
  • Long-lasting, not sticky or tacky

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviewers have had trouble with rapid spoilage
  • Palm wax is slightly controversial

The Merry Hempsters Peppermint Lip Balm

The Merry Hempsters Vegan Hemp Lip Balm Peppermint, (Single Tube)

This hemp-based lip balm is touted as “the finest vegan herbal lip therapy on the market,” and it’s true to its statement. Hemp is undoubtedly the secret to this product’s healing abilities. No other balm on our list uses the amazing benefits of hemp oil.

The Merry Hempsters Peppermint balm is just tingly enough to feel refreshing, without feeling overwhelming like some other minty lip products.

It’s the perfect balance of scent and flavor, and somewhat masks the unique “hempiness.”

Continued use has shown to help prevent the drying and chapping, especially during colder weather.

The balm stays put, and doesn’t wear off quickly, no matter the environmental conditions. You won’t need to constantly re-apply, which helps the product last longer.

What We Like

  • Not overwhelmingly minty
  • Long-lasting healing
  • Smooth, flake-free formula

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly greasy texture
  • Hemp can have its own distinct scent and flavor, which is off-putting to some

Top Choice for the Best Vegan Lip Balm

Hurraw Coconut, Earl Grey, Mint Lip Balms, 3 Pack Bundle

You probably already guessed from my embarrassing gushing about it, but Hurraw! Lip Balms Bundle is my top pick.

I really liked all of the tested balms, but Hurraw! just had me at those amazing flavors. You can’t go wrong with any of the products, but I had to pick a winner!

Hurraw! doesn’t just have amazing flavor, it works beautifully, too. It heals, moisturizes, hydrates, makes breakfast, does laundry…just kidding, but using it makes those chores more fun.

Beware though, these balms taste so good, your kid may try to eat them. But fear not, unlike some other not-so-savory petroleum-based balms, these won’t harm them. You can feel good about using these balms, and not stress about what’s in them.

Soon, your chapped lip woes will be gone. But Hurraw! will still comfort you, even if you just need a little sentimental scent reassurance. There is no shame in comfort with this product, so indulge!


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