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6 Best Vegan Conditioner Brands for Soft, Healthy Hair

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Nearly everyone experiences their hair becoming dry and brittle for one reason or another. In comes shampoo’s other half – conditioner.

Conditioners work amazingly to soften and protect hair unlike anything else and are a necessary step in most hair care routines.

However, it’s important not to use chemical-laden products, which may also contain animal byproducts – these will only strip and damage our hair (even if it claims to do the opposite!).

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best vegan conditioner brands which are all-natural and contain only the good stuff. Check them out!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Quick List of Top Picks

Why Choose a Vegan-Friendly and Natural Conditioner?

Ingredients in most conditioners you find at the store are common and recognizable such as keratin, but did you know many of these familiar substances are derived from animals?

Actually, there are nearly 20 different animal-derived ingredients you could find in conditioners and other hair products.

Keratin, for example, is derived from hooves, animal hair, horns, scales and other keratinized animal parts.

Clearly, not something most people want to use in their hair, but thankfully there are plant-derived alternatives.

If this wasn’t bad enough, chemicals are also lurking in many conditioner brands and can lead to scalp damage thereby diminishing hair health and dramatically affecting hair regrowth.

These ingredients such as parabens are not only linked to breast cancer, but also cause irritation of the skin and affect your hormone balance.

Silicones are another nasty chemical in many conditioners, and coat the hair shaft to give the illusion of health and shine.

Yet, silicones also coat the scalp and could clog pores and cause your hair to dry out (a healthy scalp equals healthy hair).

These are just a couple examples, but remain wary of other toxins such as dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil and sulfates.   

Choosing the Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type

Our hair is unique which means we should find a conditioner designed for our special hair type.

Whether it is thick or fine, dry or oily, color-treated or processed; you’ll want to find a conditioner best suited for it.

If you are concerned about which conditioner is best to use for your hair and skin type you could always consult with a specialist.

In lieu of this, here are some quick tips for picking the right conditioner.

Fine hair needs a conditioner which will help build volume and is lightweight. People with this kind of hair should avoid smoothing or heavy conditioners.

Wavy hair can be hard to manage especially in dry or humid climates. It’s best to also stick with a lightweight conditioner.

On the other hand, thick and curly hair needs deep moisture; so look for products with extra hydrating ingredients.

People with coarse hair would benefit from an oil-based conditioner with other hydrating butters such as shea.

Look for color-safe conditioners if you have color-treated hair since some ingredients are known for stripping and washing out the color.

Finally, if your hair is processed it would be best to look for deep conditioning products or ones designed for damage control.

Things to Look for That Differentiate These Products

These conditioner brands are vegan; meaning they do not contain animal byproducts and have naturally-derived ingredients from plants and the Earth.

Also, they are cruelty-free which means the products are not tested on animals.

However, there are a few things to look for which differentiates these products.

If you are looking for a conditioner to assist in preventing hair loss and building volume you’ll find a product specializing in this.

There are also a few which are good for sensitive skin and everyone in the family, while another is aromatherapy and hydration in one, and another is formulated with green vegetable extracts.

Finally, if you are searching for a clarifying conditioner to rid your locks of build-up you will find a product here for you too.

6 Top Picks for Vegan Conditioner

Whether you need a conditioner gentle enough for your sensitive skin, one to hydrate your curls or prevent hair loss, we have the product for you!

Om Botanical Organic Conditioner and Styling Gel

ORGANIC CONDITIONER and Styling Gel | 100% Natural Nourishing Hair Conditioner Sulfate & Silicone Free | Leave In or Wash Off Color Safe Treatment for Scalp & All Hair Types for Men and Women

Om Botanical organic conditioner is anti-dandruff and helps prevent hair loss through treating the scalp with botanical ingredients.

It is multi-tasking too! Either use and rinse like a regular conditioner or leave it in as a styling gel!

Unlike other hair growth products, this product doesn’t contain chemicals and it’s also free of silicones, sulfates, perfumes and preservatives.

This organic conditioner has naturally-derived Broad-Spectrum DHT blockers. DHT in a nutshell is the male hormone, or androgen, responsible for male pattern baldness (although women can experience the same problem).

Using a product such as this with DHT blockers means hair remains in the regrowth phase for longer and will prevent further hair loss.

The formula has hydrating and detangling ingredients such as aloe vera, pumpkin seed oil and shea butter.

Also, brahmi, neem, and bhringraj are ayurvedic herbs used for hair growth and help clear the scalp and are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair!

Improve the health of your hair and scalp, prevent damage, hair loss and dandruff all with one product.

What We Like

  • Organic and ayurvedic
  • Conditioner and hair gel in one
  • Color-safe and good for curls
  • Encourages hair growth, thickens hair, and improves health of scalp

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey
  • May feel too heavy on finer hair
  • Floral scent may be too strong for some
  • People with sensitive skin might experience reactions to some ingredients

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Conditioner – Peppermint

Hair Conditioner, With Organic & Natural Ingredients - All Hair Types - Dry, Oily, Curly, Fine - Daily & Leave In For Women & Men, Sulfate Free, Non Toxic No Harmful Chemicals. Christina Moss Naturals

Christina Moss Naturals organic conditioner is a hand-crafted formula made specifically for anyone with sensitive skin or scalp and it’s environmentally friendly.

Safe even for babies, it is hypoallergenic and does not contain toxic tear duct numbing agents (to think other companies actually put this in their products!).

There are literally no harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.

The product is made in batches, and due to the lack of chemicals and preservatives, the shelf-life is shorter.

Yet, since it is so natural and pure Christina Moss Naturals guarantees freshness for 6 months.

Chemicals are not only harsh and damaging, but they can encourage premature aging of our skin and cause hair loss over time.

Naturally preventing aging with products such as this conditioner is the best way to go! After all, any chemical you put on your skin will absorb through the pores and enter your system.

I love the fresh peppermint scent and the inclusion of plant extracts, essential oils and fatty acids including aloe vera, baobab seed oil, acai fruit oil and shea butter.

This conditioner treats all hair types including dry, oily, color-treated or processed!

What We Like

  • Natural and safe ingredients; no harmful chemicals
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Nice scent
  • Great to use on all hair types
  • Does not weigh hair down

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey
  • May not work for really fine or coarse hair
  • Might not detangle enough for some people
  • Some people may not like the peppermint scent

Pharmacopia Verbena Conditioner

Pharmacopia Verbena Conditioner – Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Care with Natural & Organic Ingredients – Vegan, Cruelty Free, Aromatic Conditioner, 16oz

Using a plant-derived and biodegradable formula, Pharmacopia Verbena Conditioner utilizes shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera and olive leaf extract to help you achieve tangle-free hair.

This product combines the essential oils of lemon, orange, mint, basil, litsea cubeba, lemongrass and cedarwood for aromatherapy suitable for men and women.

Litsea Cubeba may be unfamiliar to you as it was to me. It is actually a Chinese herb used as an anti-depressant due to its uplifting aroma. It can also be used for fatigue, stress, and anxiety among other uses.

Also, lemon verbena is known for its incredible benefits to hair by strengthening it and encouraging growth.

With this product you can expect only natural and organic ingredients free of parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and dyes.

It will leave you with soft and manageable hair and a moisturized scalp!

If for any reason you don’t love this verbena conditioner, Pharmacopia has graciously offered to refund your money!

Apply to wet, clean hair and leave in for 3 minutes prior to rinsing.

What We Like

  • Nourishing, plant-derived ingredients
  • Organic
  • Aromatherapy using essential oils
  • Weightless moisture

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey but will last a while

ACURE Curiously Clarifying Lemongrass Conditioner

ACURE Curiously Clarifying Conditioner - Lemongrass & Argan | 100% Vegan | Performance Driven Hair Care | Gently Cleanses, Removes Buildup, Boost Shine & Replenishes Moisture | 12 Fl Oz

Using clarifying lemongrass and moisturizing argan oil, ACURE conditioner is great for all hair types and daily use.

This condition is 100% vegan and 0% questionable – free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum and silicone.

If you deal with extra build-up, or live with oily hair, this is a great product formulated with a double dose of lemongrass essential oils to clarify your hair and scalp.

Lemongrass has a natural citrus scent and is widely used as an anti-septic and astringent.

So given these properties, it holds many benefits to the hair to include reducing scalp inflammation, combat too much oil production, and could even strengthen hair follicles and make hair shine!

Argan oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. It is often used as a natural means to softening hair and improving its elasticity.

These are not the only nourishing ingredients in this product! There are several other essential oils, plant extracts and its base is aloe.

This conditioner could easily be your go-to product for controlling oil build-up, and maintaining body, shine, and hydration.

What We Like

  • Clarifying and moisturizing
  • Many plant-derived extracts and essential oils
  • Great scent
  • Good for oil and build-up control

What We Don’t Like

  • An additional conditioner may be needed for people with dry hair
  • May not work as well on very thick hair and might be too heavy for fine hair
  • Some may not like the citrus scent

Honest Perfectly Gentle Hypoallergenic Conditioner

The Honest Company Everyday Gentle Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioner | Hypoallergenic | Gentle for Babies | Tear Free | Paraben Free | Orange Vanilla Extracts & Coconut Oil | 10 Fluid Ounces

A perfectly gentle, lightweight, and plant-based conditioner, The Honest Company brings you this lovely, enriching product for the whole family.

Tame those tangles and knots with the special formula including argan oil and shea butter while boosting shine with jojoba protein and quinoa extracts.

The plant-derived scent comes from orange peel extract and vanilla; in addition to many other extracts including tangerine, calendula, and chamomile.

Argan oil and shea butter combined with coconut oil offer great benefits to the hair. In addition to hydration, they inherently deliver vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Interestingly, quinoa, when hydrolyzed, can penetrate the hair shaft and strengthens hair at its core; it also improves hair’s overall shine and locks in moisture.

This conditioner is hypoallergenic and was tested by a physician. It does not contain any silicones, dyes, parabens, ethoxylates, formaldehyde donors, PEGs, or synthetic fragrances.

You may be familiar with the company’s famous founder, Jessica Alba. Her mission is to provide natural and safe products for the family and specializes in baby products.

So it’s no wonder this conditioner is so pure and safe!

What We Like

  • Shine and moisture boosting ingredients; great for curls
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Uplifting scent
  • Plant-derived ingredients

What We Don’t Like

  • Formula may have changed and added alcohol
  • May be drying for some hair types
  • People with very fine hair may experience heaviness and it may not be as effective at detangling

ecoLove Blueberry, Grape & Lavender Conditioner

ecoLove - Organic Conditioner for Colored Treated Hair & Very Dry Hair with Blueberry Grape & Lavender Vegan Conditioner for Women & Men,17.6 oz.

ecoLove Purple Conditioner is part of the Purple Collection for people with dry hair or skin. This conditioner is specifically recommended for color-treated and very dry hair.

It is 100% vegan and free of SLS, petrochemicals, parabens, and completely eco-friendly and plant-derived.

All ecoLove products are made with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and 30% organic.

This conditioner is made with purple fruit extracts of blueberry, grape, and lavender known to replenish, soften, and repair hair.

It’s also enriched with essential oils, herb and plant extracts, and Dead Sea minerals.

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and proanthocyanidins, which stimulate hair growth.

Grapes contain antioxidants which help hair grow and prevent breakage. Lavender oil aids in hair growth, nourishes the scalp, and offers a calming scent.

Dead Sea minerals strengthen and enhance hair follicles to help prevent hair loss.

Though the consistency is thin, this conditioner is ultra-hydrating for even the driest locks.

What We Like

  • Great fruity, floral scent
  • Purple fruit extracts and Dead Sea minerals
  • Deep moisture for color-treated, damaged hair and curls

What We Don’t Like

  • Fragrance is not all natural and may be too strong for some
  • High price point compared to some similar products

Top Choice for the Best Vegan Conditioner

Pharmacopia Verbena Conditioner – Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Care with Natural & Organic Ingredients – Vegan, Cruelty Free, Aromatic Conditioner, 16oz

All of the products in our round-up are naturally fantastic and include only the best ingredients for hair!

Depending on your needs, products are specially formulated for sensitive skin, to clarifying or even prevent hair loss.

However, from this awesome list of products our top choice is Pharmacopia Verbena Conditioner!

This conditioner is aromatherapy and a moisturizing treatment for your hair all-in-one!

Combining the essential oils of lemon, orange, mint, basil, litsea cubeba, lemongrass and cedarwood; it’s great for men and women.

Also, the shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera and olive leaf extract deliver lots of hydrating nourishment, and the lemon verbena strengthens hair and encourages regrowth.

All of these great qualities in one product make this Pharmacopia product our top pick!

Best Vegan Conditioner Brands for Soft, Healthy Hair


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