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5 Best Vegan BB Cream Brands for a Flawless Complexion

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Today, the journey to a flawless complexion and perfect make-up application seems like something only celebrities can achieve.

In our busy lives we don’t have the time or the money required for a perfect beauty routine.

However, thanks to the invention of BB creams, life has become easier! BB creams are a beauty solution – a foundation, primer, and moisturizer all in one product!

To help you find the right one, we have selected the best vegan BB cream brands to check out!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Quick List of Top Picks

What is BB Cream?

BB cream, standing for beauty balm or blemish balm, is a multi-tasking cream that does so much more than a foundation.

It’s a foundation, primer, moisturizer, and often it includes sunscreen and other treatments for things such as acne-prone and aging skin.

The first of its kind was developed in Germany in the 1950s by a dermatologist seeking a treatment that soothes and covers up redness with tint.

Later BB creams were introduced to the Korean market, and its popularity grew due to peoples’ desire to find a product that was more than a heavy foundation.

BB creams are an all-in-one product easy to obsess about! Not only does it prevent and treat nuisance skin conditions, it also protects your skin and conceals imperfections for a flawless complexion.

Similar products you may see on the market are CC cream (color correcting), and DD cream (daily defense).

CC cream is used for correcting conditions like hyperpigmentation with light-diffusing particles, while DD cream is mainly a sunscreen.

What you get with BB creams that you don’t with the others is the coverage level in addition to sun protection, and treatment for blemishes and aging skin.

How to Choose and Apply BB Cream

Once BB creams were introduced to the U.S. market, the demand for more color options arouse.

However, you may find there are still few options so it’s important to find the right one for your skin tone.

Unlike foundations, BB cream is meant to brighten, sooth, and leave a lightweight, matte finish.

Typically, you’ll be able to build for more coverage, but in general you want to find a color closest to your natural skin color so your skin appears like it has no make-up at all – just flawless beauty!

Next, consider your skin type. If you have normal to combination skin, then most BB creams will work for you, and you will only need a small amount, or use more for extra concealing.

If you have dry skin, look for BB creams that feature many hydrating ingredients, but for oily skin you may want to use a matte BB cream which absorbs oil.

Finally, keep in mind that certain BB creams are uniquely formulated for anti-aging, blemish treatment or have a higher level of sunscreen. It’s all about what is best for your skin!

Regarding application, most people prefer to apply BB cream with their fingers or with a brush.

With your fingers, apply dots in equal amounts to forehead, chin, nose and two on each cheek. Then spread evenly in circular motion, in outward motion across your face, and patting around your eyes.

Using a brush or make-up sponge, put a dime-sized amount of product on the back of your hand, or as dots on your face as explained above. Then smooth the cream evenly across your face and around your eyes.

Things to Look for That Differentiate These Products

All of the BB creams here on our list are cruelty-free and vegan. This means that no animals were used for testing the product and there are no animal byproducts used.

Also, you can expect the products to contain naturally-derived ingredients and many will state that they are certified organic.

This is important because any product we apply to our skin will be absorbed to some extent through our pores. So treat your skin with only healthy ingredients!

There are a few differences in these BB creams to consider. Some have color adaptive abilities while others offer several color options.

Also, some may contain sunscreen and others do not, or they may specialize in extra anti-aging abilities, plant or fruit stem cell science, or other plant-derived nutrients.

5 Top Picks for Vegan BB Creams

If you’re looking for a multi-tasking product for your make-up bag to act as a moisturizer, sunscreen, toner, and to treat blemishes, you’re sure to find one on our list that suits your needs!

La Mav Organic BB Créme

Organic BB Cream Medium - All In One Organic Tinted Sunscreen, Foundation and Natural Tinted moisturizer - Fresh and Flawless Skin Instantly - Natural BB Cream for Medium Dark Colored Skin Tones

La Mav’s BB cream is a foundation, moisturizer, and natural sunscreen. It is specifically formulated to help with conditions such as sensitive skin, acne and rosacea!

The nutrient-rich moisturizer counteracts redness and delivers anti-aging antioxidants to your skin.

I really like the color adaptive capabilities which actually adjust to match your skin tone creating a flawless finish!

This all-in-one moisturizer serves as a light foundation and natural sunscreen as well!

Along with treating sensitive skin and blemishes, this BB cream’s ingredients promotes cell renewal, and has a matting ability making it great for oily skin.

The 100% vegan, organic, and non-toxic ingredients include rosehip oil and vitamin C treating imperfections.

Also, the hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10 protects your skin from free radicals and are a strong anti-aging component.

Apply daily on top of a moisturizer, on its own, or with other foundations or powders for more coverage.

What We Like

  • Anti-aging
  • Good coverage
  • Natural sunscreen
  • Great for sensitive and problematic skin
  • Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients

What We Don’t Like

  • Shade not suitable for darker complexions
  • May feel sticky or dry if used without moisturizer
  • May feel heavy on some skin types

Bella Terra BB Cream 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer

Bella Terra BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral Foundation, Concealer, Anti-Aging, Natural Sun Protection, All Shades 1.69oz - Medium 104

Bella Terra’s BB cream is a tinted moisturizer which also conceals imperfections and offers anti-aging ingredients.

This BB cream is buildable so you can create the coverage you need from sheer to medium coverage.

It’s a weightless moisturizing cream treating all skin types such as dry, oily, combination, and acne-prone.

Bella Terra’s product is unique for its mineral ingredients like zinc, mica, hydroxatone, and magnesium together provide natural sun protection, and offer coverage.

Also, there are no toxins like parabens, sulphates, dyes, and alcohol!

This product heals while it conceals conditions such as rosacea, excess oil, dryness, and acne scarring and breakouts.

It also covers fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles or even unwanted tattoos!

The cream comes in 6 different shades so you can find the perfect match to your skin tone!

Apply to clean, dry skin using your fingertips. Start at your cheeks and blend outward in circular motion until your face and neck are covered.  Use a little extra in areas requiring more coverage.

What We Like

  • Long-lasting even in humid weather
  • Good coverage
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Many shades for all skin tones

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey
  • Too drying for some skin types

INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream

INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream, Vegan, 100% Natural, 3 in 1 Silky Primer, Skin Care Tinted Moisturizer Foundation, Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested, 1 oz (30ml) (Cocoa)

Inika’s BB cream is certified 80% organic and contains very hydrating ingredients like prickly pear, pomegranate, avocado, jojoba, and argan oils!

Prickly pear oil is very hydrating and rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. It has become a very popular ingredient in skin care products for its amazing qualities.

Pomegranate oil is widely used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging abilities, while avocado, jojoba and argan oils are used for additional moisture.

I love the inherent, naturally therapeutic capabilities of all the ingredients! You can tell Inika took great care in selecting the best ingredients for their BB cream.

Not only is this product certified organic, but it is also certified cruelty-free!

So, you can rest assured knowing you are using a product that is good for your skin and not harmful to animals.

Inika recommends applying the BB cream with a vegan foundation brush (or fingertips).

Put a small amount on the back of your hand or blot on your face, then blend in a circular motion until a flawless finish is achieved!

What We Like

  • Moisturizing
  • Lightweight and silky
  • Buildable coverage
  • Natural and organic ingredients

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not contain sunscreen
  • Shade may be too light for some skin tones
  • May not last long on some skin types
  • It’s a bit pricey

Andalou Naturals Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm Sheer Tint SPF 30

Andalou Naturals Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm Sheer Tint SPF 30, 2 Ounce

Andalou Naturals’ BB cream contains fruit stem cell complex and vitamin C along with SPF 30 for broad spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

This BB cream is suitable for normal to combination skin, and works to combat dry patches, T-zone shine, and hyperpigmentation.

You can expect a sheer tint achieved through the natural mineral ingredients.

Fruit stem cells in this product, when applied topically, protect skin cells from damage and encourage new skin cell growth. They’re also packed with anti-oxidants!

Vitamin C has a plethora of benefits! We are familiar with taking vitamin C to help boost our immune systems, but it is also very beneficial to the skin.

Applying vitamin C to the skin will assist with collagen production, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and protect your skin from free radical damage.

Many other ingredients are included in Andalou’s formulation to include nourishing aloe vera, pomegranate, and other plant-derived elements.

It is recommended to apply 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and use under make-up or alone. Reapply as needed as you would with a regular sunscreen.

What We Like

  • Fruit stem cell science
  • High SPF natural sunscreen protection
  • Natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients
  • Pleasant orange scent

What We Don’t Like

  • Color may not work for all skin tones
  • May cause itch or bumps for some skin types
  • Faulty pump with new package design

Pacifica Beauty Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

Pacifica Beauty Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

Pacifica Beauty’s all-in-one BB cream provides a bare skin tint, primer and perfecting finish.

The mineral pigments adjust to your skin tone as part of the shade-matching technology!

Special ingredients such as coconut water, kelp, ginseng, hyaluronic acid and floral stem cells hydrate, protect, and defy skin’s aging process.

Plant stem cells are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits to the skin.

They also help protect the skin from damage and prevent wrinkles along with encouraging collagen production.

Kelp is great for delivering moisture to the skin, and preventing breakouts by acting as a natural exfoliator removing dead skin cells and toxins from the pores.

Ginseng is also a protective anti-oxidant, while hydrating coconut water helps by naturally preventing acne and other breakouts.

Finally, hyaluronic acid gives collagen production a boost thereby battling signs of aging.

Application is simple! Apply to clean skin in circular motion. You can apply more as needed for extra coverage.

What We Like

  • Natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • Color adjusting minerals; one shade works for many
  • Lightweight
  • Nice scent

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not contain sunscreen
  • May feel oily on some skin types
  • Acts more like a primer; very light coverage
  • May cause a reaction for sensitive skin
  • Some may not like the scent

Top Choice for the Best Vegan BB Cream

Organic BB Cream Medium - All In One Organic Tinted Sunscreen, Foundation and Natural Tinted moisturizer - Fresh and Flawless Skin Instantly - Natural BB Cream for Medium Dark Colored Skin Tones

All of the BB creams on our list have many notable attributes. However, our top choice for best vegan BB cream is La Mav Organic BB Crème.

La Mav offers everything you’d expect from a BB cream! It’s a foundation, natural sunscreen, and truly beautifying.

I love the special formulation that treats problematic conditions such as redness, acne, and rosacea!

It’s anti-aging too with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, rosehip oil, and vitamin C working to prevent skin cell damage, protect from free radicals, and encourage collagen production.

Overall, this is a multi-tasking cream that does it all and why we choose La Mav BB cream as our top pick!


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