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6 Vegan Asian Cookbooks for All the Inspiration You Need

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The heart of Asian food lies in its diversity. The continent is known for its stunning landscape and amazing culture.

No offence to other ethnicities, but every country in Asia has dishes you probably wouldn’t find elsewhere. All credit is owed to a diverse geography, yielding various indigenous spices exclusive to this part of the world.

If you’ve been yearning to experiment with Asian recipes, we’ll introduce you to 6, excellent vegan Asian cookbooks.

Hopefully, they’ll give you better insight so you can pick what fits your needs the best.

Let’s not waste time and help you choose the right one to refine your Asian cooking skills!

Cookbooks for All the Vegan Asian Food Inspiration You Need

‘The Asian Vegan Kitchen’ by Hema Parekh

The Asian Vegan Kitchen: Authentic and Appetizing Dishes from a Continent of Rich Flavors

Hema Parekh is an expert culinary teacher from Tokyo who loves to share her talent and love for Asian food.

Bringing a taste of home to all of her recipes through a book was a gift because she has something very unique to bring to the table.

All the recipes have something in common, there is no need for replacement ingredients, unlike other dishes that need to be made vegan. These 200 dishes are all naturally plant-based.

The highlight is how simple and detailed the recipes and instructions are. You can’t go wrong because you have an excellent chef guiding you!

These dishes have been enjoyed by several generations of Asians for decades. The spices and flavours bring a whole new twist to your table; your family could always use a break from the monotony. I promise that you and your family will look forward to these delicious meals!

‘Vegan: The Essential Asian Cookbook for Vegans’ by Zoe Hazan

Vegan: The Essential Asian Cookbook for Vegans

An ode to the flavours of the East! Zoe Hazan’s book is the perfect means to learn the tastiest dishes of countries such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan.

You’ll be thrilled by the variety the recipes offer so try not to go too crazy and eat everything at once!

The book also focuses on the vegan lifestyle and the benefits it provides you.

The recipes are easy and all served in 30 minutes or less. It’s safe to say you won’t have to struggle to find complicated ingredients in the wake of leaving a dish half done.

The whiff of aromatic herbs and spices will probably get you a lot of attention; you can tell us later how many of your neighbors requested you to make one of your Asian dishes!

The book features scrumptious recipes such as:

  • Quick and Easy Miso Soup
  • Vietnamese Fresh Summer Rolls
  • Gyoza
  • Sweet Thai Coconut Pancakes

All in all, this book covers everything from light starters to comforting desserts. If you’re looking for a one-stop to lean on, this one is a perfect choice!

‘Vegan Thai: Over 35 Vegan Thai Food Recipes That BEAT Any Takeout!’ by Katya Johansson

Vegan Thai: Over 35 Vegan Thai Food Recipes That BEAT Any Takeout

Why am I so enamoured by Thai food? Well, you can blame the use of coconut milk, I just love it so much!

This book written by Katya has a collection smaller than most cookbooks, but it plays to its strength of being extremely selective. Only the best form a part, and man oh man, are they worthy of being served to the masses.

If you want to win a few people over at your next cookout, try one of these recipes and you will have their hearts.

  • Thai Yellow Curry
  • Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Mango Ice-Cream
  • Fried Bananas

The only heads-up I would give you is of a few recipes using fish sauce but you should easily be able to obtain or make a vegan alternative. The dishes are super healthy and your mood to eat greasy takeout will slowly wane.

Try them and you’ll understand why! It also helps that the recipes are all quick! Simply put, this book is a gift for the fitness conscious and Thai food lovers!

‘The Chinese Vegan Kitchen’ by Donna Klein

The Chinese Vegan Kitchen: More Than 225 Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from the Culinary Regions o f China

Chinese cuisine is probably one of the largest out of all other Asian ones; of course, it’s not surprising since the country is huge. I’ll consider it good news for us enthusiastic eaters as we have so many different things to try out!

This book is a compilation of more Chinese dishes you could possibly imagine!

There’s something for every course and craving; be it rice, noodles, etc. The writer, Donna, has been very intelligent with her collection wherein salads, sides and desserts are their own special niches.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Beijing Mock Duck
  • Cashew Fried Rice
  • Spinach and Mushroom Lo Mein

The recipes are well put together and arranged in such a way that you won’t spend a lot of time hunting for the one that fits the occasion.

Also, you may want to grab a chair when you open the index because I got a little dizzy looking at the number of recipes in there!

Once the initial shock passes, I’m sure you’ll be praising the high heavens of how you never have to look elsewhere for a Chinese dish, this one might take three generations to complete!

‘Vegan Street Food’ by Jackie Kearney

Vegan Street Food: Foodie travels from India to Indonesia

This book is sort of a big deal when it comes to vegans. Do you know why this is a must have for all those living a plant-based lifestyle?

Voted as the best book at PETA’s Vegan Food Awards, Jackie Kearney won the hearts and kitchens of a huge population through the mouth-watering street food recipes included in this gem.

It’s really easy to see why they chose this, it takes us on a journey all over Asia.

Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and Afghani cuisines are very different from their East Asian brothers and form a part of the diversity that makes Asia stunning.

It makes you feel as if you’re right there with her, travelling across different countries exploring what their kitchens have to offer. You can’t deny that sort of travel being beautiful.

The following dishes had me captivated:

  • Chaat filled puris with tamarind and pomegranate
  • Kashmiri Style Green Bean Dal

I consider myself a street-food junkie so you can take my word for it when I say you need this book adorning your collection. These recipes are meant to provide a tasty and wholesome experience of the various street foods Asia has to offer.

The concept of street food might get you little too excited and justifiably so. They all taste like a piece of heaven!

‘The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East’ by Mark Reinfeld & Jennifer Murray

The 30-Minute Vegan's Taste of the East: 150 Asian-Inspired Recipes--from Soba Noodles to Summer Rolls

Look no further if you want to serve the most delicious Asian recipes to your family and friends minus the hassle of prepping for hours and hours on end!

It’s written by not just one, but two experts who bring you the smartest collection of dishes all cooked in under 30 minutes!

Usually you would find Asian cuisine a bit intimidating taking into consideration the fusion of spices and multiple ingredients. This is the reason why most people don’t even bother trying to cook for themselves and just resort to takeout.

Let this book put your jitters and misconceptions to rest as it shows you just how simple a few of the yummiest Asian recipes can be.

The instructions are easy to follow, they also give you new ideas on how to make the dishes your own. If you keep trying them regularly, you’ll be able to come up with your own twists and variants in no time.

The dishes are all about learning to play with spices and combinations which the authors teach you very well.

You could start with the following if you need a push:

  • Funky Thai Salsa
  • BBQ Tofu
  • Tibetan noodle Soup

To summarize, it’s wonderful to see how all the countries and their specialties have been covered in a single book. You’ll really benefit from using this in your kitchen!

Wrapping Up

Asian food is usually compartmentalized into very narrow categories because of lack of exposure, but there are several countries that have drop-dead dishes that go straight for the kill when it comes to creating lasting impressions.

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular recipe, remember there’s plenty more where that came from!

We hope the 6 reviews help you to decide the one that calls to your requirements the most.

No matter which you pick, we’re sure there’s a lot to learn from them all. Just start with one and don’t resist the temptation to go all in and buy the 6!

They’re all really spectacular and will keep you busy in the kitchen for quite some time, not that you’ll be complaining! We’d love to hear your take on these if you get your hands on them. Write to us and let us know!


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