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12 Raw Vegan Cookbooks You Absolutely Need to Get

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Living your life as a vegan is extremely fulfilling as you’re always in tune with your heart. It makes you a kinder and gentler being.

Millions of people around the globe suffer from health-related problems, major and minor, which can be corrected or prevented with the right food choices.

In many cases, people have found switching to a raw diet has helped them stay healthier and beat many health challenges.

Food is delicious in any form, whether cooked or raw. So, today, we bring you a fantastic lineup of useful raw vegan cookbooks packed with educational material.

The number of recipes and the variety is something that’ll help you host guests with ease.

Whichever cookbook you choose, hopefully all of them, it is certain you’ll be trying new things every day!

The Best Raw Vegan Cookbooks

‘Eat Raw, Eat Well: 400 Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes’ by Douglas McNish

Eat Raw, Eat Well: 400 Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes

Douglas is a celebrated author with some serious zest for cooking! With three books to boast about, his works have been loved by thousands of people.

This cookbook is a massive collection of 400 recipes, which are versatile and nutritious, providing you and your family all the vitamins needed to glow like a bulb!

Raw diets may seem like a lot of work, but Douglas’ dishes will make your journey a smooth one if you’re a transitioning novice.

If you’re a veteran, you’ll appreciate it even more as new recipes are always welcome!

You’ll find delectable goodness such as:

  • Cinnamon Raisin Flax Bagels
  • Thank You Berry Much Smoothie
  • Buckwheat Toast
  • Spicy Kimchi

Whatever your reasons are for trying a raw vegan diet, be it health or conscientious, 400 lip-smacking recipes is all you’ll ever need!

‘The Fully Raw Diet’ by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes

Kristina is a powerhouse of a lady. She isn’t just qualified in the science of eating raw, fasting and health, but is also the creator of Fully Raw, the pioneer in local, organic food co-operation.

If there’s anyone who could’ve written a book about eating raw and clean, we couldn’t have found a more qualified person.

Walking the raw path for more than 10 years herself, she understands all the ins and outs of the transition and journey.

This cookbook is a great way to get healthier and go plant-based with its 21-day plan. Full of details and vibrant pictures, this one will entice your eyes and later, your appetites.

You’ll find various sections in this publication including:

  • The 21-day diet
  • Raw vegan recipes
  • Fitness and Exercise

There are plenty of wise words for you to take along your path towards going completely raw.

I’m sure you’ll love the way it’s written and what Kristina teaches from her own experience.

‘Raw Food Art: Four Seasons of Plant-Powered Goodness’ by Aleksandra Winters

Raw Food Art: Four Seasons of Plant-Powered Goodness

Aleksandra is an educator and wellness coach. She’s also the founder of Olenko’s Kitchen which is known to promote transitioning to a healthier lifestyle while respecting all living creatures.

Her intuitive cooking and creative style helped her create this book along with her Alaskan heritage and roots.

There’s plenty of goodness to be found with a collection of 80 exciting raw recipes. Add to that beautiful photos that’ll capture your attention from the get-go.

The dishes are meant to leave you feeling fresh, energized and healthy, and will help you meet your nutritional requirements. You can thank us later for the difference this book brings to your kitchen!

‘Raw Food Diet’ by David Wilson

Raw Food Diet: 50+ Raw Food Recipes Inside This Raw Food Cookbook. Raw Food Diet For Beginners In This Step By Step Guide To Successfully Transitioning To A Raw Food Diet

David is a registered healthcare practitioner from the United Kingdom, who finds alternative routes for those suffering from common health problems such as food allergies.

This cookbook is a transitional guide for those wanting to start a raw diet out of concern for their health, fitness or making the choice to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. All the information in the book is expert-level as David is well-versed with every phase and requirement of a raw diet.

Some of the great value you’ll gain from this book includes:

  • A transition guide with individual chapters
  • A collection of 50 delicious recipes to get you started immediately

All in all, I think this is a great choice for novices who want to commit to a nutritious diet and eliminate the consumption of overly processed junk food.

David will make your journey a memorable one with his guidance about what to expect and how to approach different challenges and landmarks.

‘Raw Food Romance – 30 Day Meal Plan’ by Melissa Raimondi

Raw Food Romance - 30 Day Meal Plan - Volume I: 30 Day Meal Plan featuring new recipes by Lissa! (Raw Food Romance Meal Plans and Recipes) (Volume 1)

Melissa has a very unique story to share about her journey. She overcame a lot of health problems through a plant-based diet and now is a very passionate advocate for it. She has written three great books about her creations in the kitchen.

This one gives you a thirty-day meal plan. You’ll end up feeling energized, rejuvenated and better than ever in a very short time once you begin.

The book consists of:

  • Shopping lists
  • Things and items to always have around
  • Prep tips and alternatives
  • Daily calorie intake
  • A collection of drool-inducing recipes

This comprehensive guide is meant for both novices and veterans as there’s something to learn for everyone. Improve your lifestyle with new health tips and efficient shopping!

‘Raw-Vitalize: The Easy, 21-Day Raw Food Recharge’ by Mimi Kirk

Raw-Vitalize: The Easy, 21-Day Raw Food Recharge

Mimi has way too many successful badges of honor for me to list, but it’s safe to say I’m having a major fan girl moment!

Among several things, she’s always been working in the spotlight, be it performing, designing clothes or expanding on the spiritual journey that brought her close to conscious living. Mimi has been through a lot of adventures, which is why I recommend her work.

She talks about a 21-day meal plan for those trying a raw food diet for the first time or trying to get their approach correct. You’ll be guided through all the questions with expertise and clarity.

Some noteworthy recipes you’ll find in this book are:

  • Vitality Soup
  • Red High Energy Smoothie
  • Collard Rollups
  • Buddha Bowl

In summary, an excellent read to grow your knowledge and insight about being raw.

Your transition or brief fitness plan will be a complete success with amazing results if you follow Mimi’s advice.

‘Easy, Affordable Raw: How to Go Raw on $10 a Day’ by Lisa Viger

Easy, Affordable Raw: How to Go Raw on $10 a Day

Lisa is an artist and vegan lifestyle advocate who tries to teach people how economical a plant-based living can be. Her work is inspired by her deep compassion for all the inhabitants of the planet.

This book contains pocket-friendly ways to follow a raw food lifestyle. All you’ll need, is a 10 dollar-a-day budget.

You won’t be compromising on any nutritional requirements, and yes, you’ll love each and every day of living this way.

The book contains various sections such as:

  • Commonly asked questions
  • Tools required
  • Smoothie recipes
  • Breakfast dishes
  • Mains
  • Cheeses

To conclude, this book offers a great variety of recipes to spice up your raw diet plan.

The collection is quite extensive and the discussions about affordable raw diets are well detailed.

‘The Raw Deal Cookbook’ by Emily Monaco

The Raw Deal Cookbook: Over 100 Truly Simple Plant-Based Recipes for the Real World

Emily is a refined author who writes about travel and vegan lifestyle. She has three books with great reviews.

This book is based on recipes for people living on a raw diet. The recipes are healthy and rich, using superfoods and ingredients meant to boost your vitality and health so you’ll experience a noticeable difference.

The book contains parts such as:

  • More than a 100 raw food recipes to romance your taste buds
  • A 21-day raw meal plan
  • Substitutions
  • Raw food tips

This is an excellent investment for new vegans, however, I would still recommend it if you have a bit of experience already.

Several recipes are on the complex side and have fine intricacies that make the dishes taste like high-end food.

Also, the book contains a lot of sprouting recipes, so you’ll need to be close to an organic store and have time on your hands to sprout them on your own. A great choice for stay at home parents.

‘Plant Based Dips n’ Dressings’ by Melissa Raimondi

Plant Based Dips n' Dressings: Raw Vegan Gluten Free Dips, Dressings, Condiments & sauces

Melissa loves to spread her vibes through her recipes. The warm reviews they’ve received speak for themselves!

She has brought you a collection of 101 lip-smacking recipes. The dips and dressings have super healthy ingredients and will leave you buzzing every day.

A few recipes mentioned in this book are:

  • Classic Plum Sauce
  • Cinnamon Chili
  • Jalapeno Citrus
  • Blueberry Basil Drizzle

All in all, the book consists of zero fat recipes that’ll work out in your favour if you combine them with other healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

A definite add-on to your collection as it has a lot of value in terms of creative dips and dressings.

‘The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine’ by Jesse J Jacoby

The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine: How self-empowerment, a raw vegan diet, and change of lifestyle can free us from sickness and disease.

Jesse is definitely a man with many beautiful dreams of an earth more sustainable and kinder to all life forms.

His talents drive him to share them with the world using of music and words. His books are loved by loyal readers and the reviews are stellar.

This edition talks about raw foods and veganism from a healing perspective. A lot of diseases and illness can be improved through plant-based nutrition and Jesse talks about how this affects our body and mind.

Some interesting questions answered in this book include:

  • What are raw foods
  • What are we eating?
  • What should we be eating?

To summarize, this book is a guide to move you towards a plant-based diet. The work is educational, answers all the most common questions and will help you recognize your reasons for going green.

It’s a must read for those wanting insight into a raw diet and its link to good health.

‘Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.’ by Laura Miller

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.: All Vegan and Mostly Raw Recipes for People Who Love to Eat

Laura Miller’s debut book is a mix of conscious living mixed with self-deprecating humor, a lovely combination to keep you entertained.

The book is a well-written compilation of explanations about living life as a raw vegan: The health benefits, challenges (or lack thereof), and ways to improve your health using superfoods.

Some recipes from the book include:

  • Banana Pancakes
  • Avocado Grapefruit Bowls
  • Crepes
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

It’s light-hearted and full of funny stories Laura has heard. You’ll find it useful with recipes loved by everyone.

If you’re looking for a little (or a lot) of motivation and smiles while you’re on this journey, this book is a good way to start.

‘Raw Cake’ by The Hardihood

Raw Cake: Beautiful, Nutritious and Indulgent Raw Desserts, Treats, Smoothies and Elixirs

The Hardihood is a confectionery company started by two great friends, Leah and Daisy.

They wanted to be bosses at showing people how eating desserts can be healthy. The ingredients used are raw superfoods your mind and body will love.

This book is based on sweet treats for your soul whenever the mood demands. Be it a blue day or a treat-yourself a day, there can’t be enough raw desserts out there!

Some of the sections from the book include:

  • How to make kinds of butter and crèmes.
  • Decoration ideas
  • Ideas for cake toppers and sprinklers

To conclude, this book deserves a place on your shelf. It not only gives you excellent recipes worthy of serving at parties, but also teaches you how to make different ingredients and textures for different dishes.

A must-have if you love whipping up sweet delights!

Wrapping Up

This collection of raw vegan cookbooks came together after a lot of digging and homework in search of the best options.

Hopefully, they’ll provide you the guidance, recipes and explanations you need to be successful.

All the authors highlighted are incredibly talented and knowledgeable. They’ve been dedicated followers of being raw and vegan.

Transitioning is always challenging yet a beautiful beginning, and if you’re a novice, we wish you the best as you embark on your journey towards better health!


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