HEALabel by Adriane Marie

HEALabel by Adriane Marie
HEALabel by Adriane Marie
  • Kentucky, United States (US)
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Hi there!

I’m Adriane Marie, the creator and founder of HEALabel, an awareness initiative and website, HEALabel.com, that aims to improve consumer transparency by shedding light on our purchases (especially food) and the impact they have on our health, environment, animals, and laborers.

I’m also the author, illustrator and narrator of The Roots Of Our Food, a plant based/vegan kid’s book. The story begins when a curious child ponders the origins of their meal. With that child we embark on a journey of discovery, visiting Farmer Joe who teaches us the basics of plant-based foods.

The story encourages being mindful of what we eat and having gratitude for our food. I hope this book will help foster a healthier perspective in which children reflect on everyone and everything that helps bring their food into fruition and onto their plate. Although the book does not mention the word vegan, it does promote plant-based eating and has deliberately excluded farm animals, meat and animal-derived foods.

Also known as “Aunt Dee Dee” to my nephew, I believe the future of our planet depends on the understanding and connection children have with the world around us.

I grew up in Kentucky and I am a proud descendant of many hard-working farmers. In my free-time, I enjoy plant-based cooking, getting outdoors, teaching English and studying language.

The Roots Of Our Food